Airtel Prepaid Plans 2022: List of Recharge Plans and Offers

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Airtel offers a variety of prepaid plans for 4G networks. Choose from various packages and enjoy great value for money. Recently, the country’s largest network company Airtel launched new plans for its customers so that people can enjoy more internet and call for less money the special thing is that Airtel offers many plans for its prepaid customers for the year. We are providing you with the best Airtel recharge offers and all airtel recharge plan 2022 lists here, so quickly recharge your phone by looking at this list or buy a new plan today!

Airtel Prepaid recharges Offers

With over 20 million customers, Airtel has been providing affordable voice and data services since 1999. So Airtel’s reach head is not limited to India, Airtel also provides its services outside the country.

Airtel India is one of the leading telecom service providers in the country. The company offers a wide range of prepaid plans from Rs 10 to Rs 5999 for its customers. Airtel prepaid plans offer a host of benefits, such as unlimited calls and data, free roaming, and cashback offers. Airtel prepaid plans are a great option for those who want to stay connected without worrying about running out of balance. Here are the quick details of all Airtel prepaid plans. So read this article till the end to check the complete list.

Airtel Prepaid Plans highlights

Service Nameairtel prepaid plan list
name of the companyAirtel
Objectiveairtel recharge plan information
Beneficiaryprepaid users

Airtel is the cheapest prepaid plan provider

Airtel is one of the largest telecom companies in the world, offering a wide range of prepaid plans to suit the needs of its customers. Airtel prepaid plans offer a range of benefits, including free calls, free SMS, and free data. Airtel also has a number of value-added services like music and video streaming, which can be added to your prepaid plan for an additional fee. Airtel prepaid plans are available in different denominations. With Airtel you can choose a plan that suits your needs and recharge your account as and when required. Airtel also offers a variety of recharge options, such as online recharge, e-top-up, and automatic recharge.

Airtel recharge offers

Airtel’s awesome prepaid plan for a year

Mobile network companies are constantly coming up with different types of top-up plans to ensure better returns to their customers. We are talking about the Airtel network in India. Airtel keeps on offering better recharge plans to its customers from time to time.

In this context, Airtel has offered the Airtel Smart Recharge plan to its customers. Talking about this plan, this plan is an annual boost plan. In other words, by top-up this plan, you can enjoy the full internet without any interruption throughout the year. Let us know in detail about this Airtel Prepaid Plan.

Airtel Unlimited Plan 2022 just Rs 5 a day

Here we are talking about Airtel’s Rs 1799 prepaid plan Airtel has developed a better annual recharge plan for its customers. This plan is very beneficial for the customers. With this plan, Airtel customers can enjoy a variety of internet benefits for just under Rs 5.

Under this plan, customers get 3,600 SMS and 24 GB of data along with unlimited voice calls. Another special feature of this plan is that customers do not have to think about limiting 2 GB or 3 GB of data to daily data.

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Airtel 1799 Plan Offers

For Airtel customers, this annual top-up plan is very beneficial for just Rs 1799. For this, users can get Rs 100 cashback on Apollo 24/7 Circle, FASTag, Hello Tunes and Wink Music Free. If you look at this plan on a daily basis, then its price is Rs 4.9. This means that you can enjoy data transmission, 100 SMS and unlimited calls while spending less than Rs 5 per day.

best airtel pack for 1 year

If you want to recharge in Airtel for the whole year, then the best pack for you is Airtel’s Truly Unlimited plan which you can take for ₹ 2999, in this you get 2GB / Day and unlimited calls, and if you use more internet. If so, then you can take a plan of ₹ 3359 in which you get 2.5GB data per day along with a Disney + Hotstar Mobile subscription for 1 year.

Airtel All Recharge Plans List 2022

Airtel Prepaid Plans PriceBenefitsValidity
Rs.9999 Talktime with 200MB Data28 Days
Rs.155Unlimited Calls and 1GB Data Pack24 Days
Rs.179Unlimited Talktime and 2GB Data Pack28 Days
Rs.479Unlimited Talktime and 1.5GB/Day Data Pack56 Days
Rs.30150GB DataExisting Pack
Rs.299Unlimited Calls and 1.5GB/Day Data Pack28 Days
Rs.719Unlimited Talktime and 1.5GB/Day Data84 Days
Rs.455Unlimited Talktime and 6GB Data Pack84 Days
Rs.107.47 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.2,999Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data365 Days
Rs.265Unlimited Talktime and 1GB/Day Data28 Days
Rs.549Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data 56 Days
Rs.1,799Unlimited Talktime and 24GB Data Pack365 Days
Rs.14815GB Data Existing Pack
Rs.985GB Data Existing Pack
Rs.209Unlimited Calls and 1GB/Day Data Pack21 Days
Rs.1086GB DataExisting Pack
Rs.799International Roaming Pack30 Days
Rs.839Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data 84 Days
Rs.500423.73 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.239Unlimited Talktime and 1GB/Day Data 24 Days
Rs.10081.75 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.997International Roaming Pack1 Day
Rs.359Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data28 Days
Rs.699Unlimited Talktime and 3GB/Day Data Pack56 Days
Rs.2014.95 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.7551GB Data, International Roaming Pack5 Days
Rs.1,1991GB Data, International Roaming Pack30 Days
Rs.666Unlimited Talktime and 1.5GB/Day Data77 Days
Rs.599Unlimited Calls 3GB Per Day Data28 Days
Rs.3,359Unlimited Calls 2.5 GB Per Day Data365 Days
Rs.1,000847.46 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.5,0004,237.29 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN

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