CG Padhai Tuhar Dwar Apply Online: Cgschool Registration 2022

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Cg School Padhai Tunhar Dwar | Chhattisgarh Padhai Tuhar Duar apply online 2022 | CG school Shiksha vibhag Status | cg school teacher registration | Tunhar Dwar Student Registration | पढ़ई तुंहर दुआर ऑनलाइन

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has launched a new CG Padhai Tunhar Dwar online education portal for the students and teachers of the state. This Padhai Tuhar Dwar (Education To Your Doorstep) has been launched for students from the first grade to the 10th standard. Students and teachers can now apply online by filling the Student Registration Form for CG Padhai Tunhar Dwar – Cgschool on the official website. Online studies are the only option for the whole country to pursue studies due to Coronavirus, so now more and more online classes are being focused.

CG Padhai Tunhar Dwar 2022

The state government’s Tuhar Dwar portal will provide the facility for students to study at home during coronavirus lockdown. According to the government, soon the study area of ​​class 11th and 12th will also be included in this portal so that all the students can avail online classes. Padhai Tunhar Dwar is the first major educational platform in the country and it will provide lots of opportunities for children to learn and grow. On this education portal, students can study at their home without any fees.

All schools have been closed for a long time due to lockdowns to prevent infection with coronaviruses (COVID-19), so it has become imperative that children are provided the opportunity to read, write and learn by staying in their homes.

CG School Highlights

SchemePadhai Tunhar Dwar
Launched ByCM Bhupesh Baghel
BeneficiaryState students
ObjectiveTeaching children online

Chhattisgarh Padhai Tunhar Dwar Studant Registration

Under its section, we will tell you how you can register for the student on the portal. If you are the parent of the student or you are a student who wants to register on this portal of the government then let us Here you step by step process tells you how to register:

  • For registration Tuhar Dwar Students Registration first of all visit website
  • Now you will see a link of “Student Registration” on the homepage of the website, click on it
Padhai Tunhar Dwar Registration FORM
  • As soon as you click on the link mentioned above, then the Padhai Tunhar Dwar Registration Form will open in front of you.
  • Now you have to fill all the information sought in the form such as type of education, mobile number, name email, and address etc.
Padhai Tunhar Dwar Registration FORM
  • And after that you have to fill a strong password so that you can login to your Padhai Tunhar Dwar portal dashboard using your email and password in Baal.

And thus now your registration becomes complete and now through this e-learning platform, teachers and children will be able to connect through online conferencing for online interactive classes.

Benefits of Padhai Tunhar Dwar Scheme

The state government has launched this portal keeping in mind the education of all the students of the state, so this portal is very important for all students and for teachers. Here are some of the important benefits of Padhai Tunhar Duar portal as follows:

  • Padhai Tunhar Dwar is a new e-learning platform for teaching children in school.
  • Now millions of students of Chhattisgarh state will get online education and can study at home during COVID-19 lockdown.
  • The new program will prove to be highly beneficial not only in this lockdown period but in the near future to ensure the uninterrupted education of children.
  • Material is available for students of class I to X on this Padhai Tuhar Dwar portal, while in the near future this material will be updated up to class 12.
  • This Padhai Tunhar Dwar digital portal is useful for students and now they will be able to use their time better by learning new topics in interesting ways.
  • The platform also has an online learning facility where teachers can give lectures and students can ask questions to clarify their subjects.
  • Apart from this, any teacher can teach not only the students of one school but also the students of the entire state through the Padhai Tunhar Dwar portal.
  • The major benefits are study at home, 100% success, video lessons, TLM, homework, interactive online classrooms, and fun educational games and activities.
  • The School Education Department of the Government of Chhattisgarh has developed the Padhai Tunhar Duaar Education Portal for online study with the help of NIC .
  • Teachers can now connect with children and children can sit at home from teachers through the study tohar gate portal

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Salient Features Of Chhattisgarh Padhai Tunhar Dwar Portal

There are some other important features of govt’s education on your doorstep portal of the government that make this portal very interesting. Important features and highlights of the Padhai Tunhar Dwar portal are given below:

  • The Chief Minister inaugurated the online portal Tuhar Dwar for children sitting at home during the lockout.
  • Through this portal, teachers of the state will be able to provide education not only to the students of the school but also to the students of the entire state.
  • It is the first major online education platform of its kind in the country that can be used by every student of the state.
  • This portal of the Government of Chhattisgarh can also be used by students of other Hindi-speaking states and can further their studies from home.
  • The CM interacted online with a Class VIII student and asked her to connect all her friends with this portal.
  • Online interactive classes will connect teachers and children to their respective homes through video conferencing.
  • This is an innovative initiative in the interest of the students of the School Education Department.
  • Even after the lockdown ends, all the students of the state will be able to use the portal.
  • And soon the portal will be upgraded and education materials will be expanded more and more so that more and more students can join this portal.

Education To Your Doorstep Portal Content Reports

This online educational portal will not only provide the textual content but will also make all the necessary facilities like classrooms available to the children online. On this portal, students will get textbooks in PDF format, audio and video lessons, etc. as reading material in this portal. Currently, a lot of content like video, audio, and images are available on this portal whose figures are as follows:

Registered School Student5815442
Registered college student 186093
Registered School Teacher214115
Registered College Teacher7006
College course material4767 accepted
School course material4722 approved (Not Updatetd)
Data Sept 2021

To see the complete data report, go to the link given below:

CG Padhai Tunhar Dwar FAQ

What is the official website of the Chhattisgarh Government’s Padhai Tuhar Dwar Portal?

The official website of the Government’s Education To Your Doorstep portal is

Can any student of CG state register on the Padhai Tunhar Dwar portal?

Yes, absolutely any student of the state of Chhattisgarh can register on this portal

Can students from any other state of the country also take advantage of this portal?

Yes! Any Hindi speaking state student can register on the Padhai Tunhar Dwar portal

Which class student can register on the portal?

Currently, the content is available on the portal only for the students up to class 10, in future, the material of the students of classes 11 and 12 will also be added to it.

Can teachers also fill the registration form on the portal?

Yes, teachers can also register on the portal to teach students online

can I have to pay fees for studying through the portal?

No, there is no charge for studying through the portal, it is absolutely free.

What should a student have to study through the portal?

To use the Padhai Tunhar Duaar portal, the student must have an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone

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