Co-Win for COVID-19 Vaccine

Government to launch Co-Win Mobile App for Corona vaccination process Government has announced ‘CO-WIN’ mobile app for COVID-19 vaccine delivery “Co-win” A new digital platform for COVID-19 vaccine delivery is

The Co-Win Mobile App for COVID-19 Vaccine will soon be available for Android smartphone users to download from the Google Play store, self-registration will be launched on the COWIN platform to receive the COINID-19 vaccine

So that those who need an emergency of Corona Vaccine can register themselves on this platform in advance so that they can be given the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, so the government is the first digital platform for Co-Win Mobile App and website self registration Will start

3 vaccines: pfizer, Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech applied for Emergency Use Authorization of vaccines in India to soon start Coronavirus vaccination in the country

Co-Win App for COVID-19 Vaccine

CO-WIN App For Covid 19 vaccination 2021

The central government has introduced a new digital platform called ‘CO-WIN’ for COVID-19 vaccine delivery. It will be a new mobile app of the government with the same name that will allow people to register for the vaccine. This digital platform will be used to record vaccine data and the app will also create a database of healthcare workers. All COVID-19 related data required for vaccine delivery are currently being uploaded to the CO-WIN platform.

People can register themselves on this Co-WIN platform to get COVID-19 Vaccine. The coronavirus vaccination campaign is likely to begin shortly, for which the Ministry of Health has given details of how the entire vaccination program will be conducted on 8 December 2020.

The CO-WIN mobile app has been created by the central government to monitor the entire vaccination process from registration to verification. This app is an improved version of the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN). People will be able to download the Co-WIN mobile app from the Google play store to register themselves for the COVID-19 vaccine. Hopefully this CO-WIN App will be publicly available soon.

CO-WIN – Corona Vaccine Self Registration

This CO-WIN mobile app will be useful to everyone involved in the process – administrators, commentators and people who are going to get these vaccine shots.

The government will vaccinate priority groups in the first two phases. All frontline workers, including all healthcare professionals, will receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the first phase. All emergency staff will be included in the second phase of coronavirus vaccination. The data of these people to be covered in Phase 1 and Phase 2 is already being compiled by the state governments.

By the third phase, people with co-morbidity will be vaccinated and self-registration will be introduced. This self-registration to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will be through the CO-WIN platform. The CO-WIN platform includes a free downloadable mobile application that can help record vaccine data. People will be able to apply for coronovirus vaccination online through the CO-WIN mobile app.

CO-WIN Mobile App modules

Five modules are included in the Co-Win platform: Administrator, registration, vaccination, beneficiary acknowledgment and report module. According to reports, each vaccination will take at least 30 minutes and only 100 people will be administered in each session. The app will also send real-time data of the temperature of cold-storage units to the main server.

Administrator module: is for administrators who will conduct these vaccination sessions. Through this module, they can create sessions and will be notified to the respective vaccinators and managers.

Registration module: People have to be registered for vaccination. It will upload bulk data on co-morbidities provided by local authorities or surveyors.

Vaccination module: will verify the beneficiary details and update the vaccination status.

Acknowledgment module: Will send SMS to beneficiaries and will also produce QR (Matrix Barcode) based certificate after a vaccination.

Report module: will produce a report on how many vaccine sessions have been held, how many of them have participated and how many have dropped out.

Corona virus vaccination in India

Every Indian vaccinator will be vaccinated, which includes roughly one crore health workers, 20 million front-line workers and 27 million priority age groups. The central government will take the final decision on the stages of COVID-19 vaccination campaign in India and these stages may not be sequential. Depending on the availability of the vaccines, they may run concurrently.

Both the Serum Institute of India, which is producing the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, and Bharat Biotech, which is producing the first indigenous vaccine, have approached the regulator for an emergency use license.

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