Learning & Memory [Cognitive Neuropsychology] Quiz with Certificate

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Cognitive neuropsychology is a branch of cognitive psychology that aims to understand how the structure and function of the brain relates to specific psychological processes.

How To Participate In This Quiz

  • First, go to the link below: Click here
  • After a form will open in front of you
  • Now fill in the complete information requested in the form
  • After filling the information, complete the quiz
  • now submit the form
  • and Certificates will be issued to those who score more than 75%.

Quiz Answers

Note: First of all here, let us tell you that all the answers given here are 100% correct, we do not guarantee it, but with the help of this quiz, you can definitely score 85% and pass the exam.

1. Operant conditioning is also known as……………….. *

Ans: Instrumental conditioning

2. Jill is remembering her 16th birthday while she is been in the birthday party of her niece. Which type of memory is referred in this situation. *

Ans: Episodic memory

3. What are the stimuli that involves in the access of Long Term memory *

Ans: none of these

4. ……………………. is an experimental process used in operant conditioning by which successive approximation of target behavior are reinforced *

Ans: Shaping

5. John gets a star each time he participates in house hold chore and as he gets the 10 stars he will get a gift from his parent. This phenomena is called…… *

Ans: Positive reinforcement

6. Learning of fears is best explained by *

Ans: Classical conditioning

7. Who has given the concept of “magic number seven” *

Ans: Miller

8. A neurological disorder that cause brain to shrink which results in loss of memory. It is mostly happen with the old age people *

Ans: Alzheimer’s disease

9. A…………….memory, which is vivid and detailed picture of a moment or a situation which is very surprising or emotion – provoking. *

Ans: Flashbulb

10. A technique in which sophisticated equipment allows people to monitor and then alter bodily responses, not susceptible to voluntary control, such as skin temperature, muscle tension, blood pressure and electrical activity of the brain. *

Ans: Biofeedback

11. The Knowledge that encodes verbally as well as visually is known as………. *

Ans: Dual code hypothesis

12. Learning by imitating the behavior of others is called …………….. learning. This learning theory is given by …………. *

Ans: Observational : Bandura

13. The onset and end of the CS precedes the onset of the US with some gap between the two. *

Ans: Trace conditioning

14. Who had given the concept of Latent learning

Ans: Tolman

15. Tip of the tongue phenomena is based on which of the forgetting theory *

Ans: Retrieval failure theory

16. When an individual keeps forgetting the new number of his friend rather he always remember the pervious one. It is an example of…… *

Ans: Retroactive interference

17. Who designed the “puzzle box” to study the behavior of the animal? *

Ans: Thorndike

18. The technique of using desensitization involves *

Ans: systematically increasing the stimulus intensity up to the breaking poin

19. Most of the information stored in the STM will be stored approximately for………. *

Ans: 20-30 seconds

20. Principle stating that a more preferred activity can be used to reinforce a less preferred activity is referred to as……..

Ans: Premack principle

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