Covid-19 Warrior Quiz challenge Free Certificate 2021

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You can become a Covid-19 Warrior! Are you socially responsible? Are you ready for the challenge? Free Quiz By Brainobrain International Register now for free

Covid-19 Warrior Quiz

  1. Brainobrain presents this online quiz, which is open to everyone.
  2. All that you have to do is to go through the 5 lessons (short paragraphs) and take up the quiz.
  3. It will only take 30 mins. If you score 100% correct answers, it means that you are well informed and you are socially responsible.
  4. Please ensure that you learn all the facts correctly. The more we know the facts; we will have the awareness to combat covid-19.

‘Covid Warrior’ is any person who is well informed about the virus and strictly follows all the precautions, Government rules and regulations to support the war against the virus.

How To Participate In The Quiz

  • First, go to the link below: Click here
  • now click on the “Start Quiz” button
  • After a form will open in front of you
  • Now fill in the complete information requested in the form
  • After filling the information, submit the form

Covid-19 Warrior Quiz Answer

Q1. COVID-19 is the disease caused by a virus.

Ans: True

Q2. Where was COVID-19 first identified?

Ans: China

Q3. Which human system does the virus affect?

Ans: Respiratory System

Q4. Who among the following can have a high risk of getting infected with Coronavirus?

  • Elderly
  • Cancer Patients
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

Ans: All of the above

Q5. Which of the following is the most favorable situation for the virus to spread?

Ans: Through human touch

Q6. How far can the droplets of cough or sneeze travel?

Ans: 1 Meter

Q7. When the virus spreads while the infected person cough, sneeze, talk etc., it is called

Ans: Droplet Transmission

Q8. When a person gets infected when they touch an infected person, what kind of transmission is this?

Ans: Direct Contact Transmission

Q 9. If I am traveling in a bus in which an infected person already travelled a few minutes ago, which mode of transmission can take place there?

Ans: indirect Transmission

Q10. Which of the following is likely to have a higher risk of virus transmission?

Ans: All of the above

Q11. Everyone with Covid-19 have a higher risk of developing severe disease and death.

Ans: Fals

Q12. How long does it take for the symptoms to show in an infected person?

Ans: 14 Days

Q13. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of Covid-19?

Ans: Weight Loss

Q14. Which of the following sentences best suit Covid-19?

Ans- Respiratory disease

Q15. Antibiotics can cure Covid-19.

Ans: False

Q16. Personal hygiene is important to stay away from Covid infection.

Ans: true

Q17. Covid can be transmitted through water.

Ans; False

Q18. We should maintain at least 1 meter to save us from Covid infection.

Ans: True

Q19. We need not practice social distancing in hospitals.

Ans: False

Q20. How long should we clean our hands to ensure proper hygiene?

Ans: 20 seconds

Q21. Which of the following is NOT a necessity for proper hand hygiene?

Ans: Perfume

Q22. Simply wetting the hand with water can kill coronavirus.

Ans; False

Q23. Which part of the hand should be cleaned?

Ans: All the above

Q24. After hand washing we should use a towel to turn off the tap.

Ans: True

Q25. When you want to sneeze, which of the following is advisable?

Ans: Use a tissue or bent elbow to sneeze

Q26. What can be used to clean hands when soap and water is not available?

Ans: Hand sanitizer

Q27. Used Tissue should be disposed immediately

Ans: True

Q28. Hand gloves are an alternative to soap and water.

Ans: False

Q29. If I am back from a travel, how many days should I stay home?

Ans: 14 Days

Q30. Which of the following is a genuine reason for you to go out of your house?

Ans: A medical emergency

Q31. If you have a special event at your house, what should you do?

Ans: Celebrate quietly with family members alone.

Q32. If you have symptoms of the infection, which of the following is advisable?

  • Isolate yourse
  • lfInform the nearest medical facility immediately

Ans: All the above

Q33. While staying at home, which of the following is not advisable?

Ans: Watch TV the whole day and night.

Q34. Can garlic save me from being infected with coronavirus?

Ans: No

Q35. Which of the following is an authentic source of information regarding Covid-19?

Ans: World Health Organisation

Q36. If I live in a snowy region, I cannot catch Covid-19?

Ans: False

Q37. Can standing in hot sun protect me from Covid infection?

Ans: No

Q38. Is Covid-19 a life threatening condition?

Ans: No

That’s It, All The Best for quiz 👍

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