Cyber Bullying Awareness Free Quiz With Certificate 2023

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Internet & social media have become an integral part of our & children’s lives. While the gen-Z has the technological know-how, they lack the maturity & analytical thinking required to handle the vulnerabilities in cyberspace & hence are at high risk of falling prey to predators online or engaging in cybercrime themselves. Hence, it is extremely necessary we sensitize & guide them to create a healthy & meaningful internet presence. Awareness is the most important & significant tool for prevention.

How To Participate

  • First, go to the link below: Click here
  • now choose the Cyber Bullying quiz
  • After a form will open in front of you
  • Now fill in the complete information requested in the form
  • After filling the information, submit the form

Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following is NOT a good way to handle cyberbullying?

Ans- Get into a fight with the person at school

2. Who can be referred to as cyberbullies?

  • A person who sends mean, vulgar, or threatening messages or images
  • A person who pretends to be someone else in order to make that person look bad
  • A person who posts sensitive, private information about another person
  • all of the answers

Ans- all of the answers

3. What is a digital footprint?

Ans- All the information online about a person that is stored online

4. What is “bullying”?

Ans- An aggressive intentional act or behavior that is carried out by individual(s)

5. Hackers may get the sensitive or confidential data from the dustbin. This technique of Social Engineering is known as________

Ans- Phishing

6. what do you do, if you are in a gaming room and someone that you do not know asks you about personal information (same age as you-or close), ?

  • Tell them just a little bit about yourself
  • Don’t ever give out any personal information.
  • Don’t trust what people say on the internet. They could be something different than they say.
  • B & C

Ans- B & C

7. How often do you use Social Ntworking sites / applications ?

Ans- Once a day

8. How should you respond to cyberbullying?

  • Block the person online who is bullying you
  • Start making fun of the person who is making fun of you
  • Tell an adult
  • A and C

Ans- A and C

9. Students who are cyberbullied are more likely to

Ans- All of the above

10. Which of these are types of cyber bullying?

Ans- A & C

11. How much time do you spend on internet in a day?

Ans- 3 Hours to 4 Hours

12. Is it true that , who are being cyberbullied are often being bullied in person too.

Ans- True

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