DAP Urea fertilizer rates have decreased suddenly, the price has become cheaper

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DAP Urea New Price: Farmer is very important for any country because only farmers produce food grains for food and especially in India farmer brothers are considered as food givers. The farmer is the only person in the country who fills every hungry stomach by producing grain. Many types of schemes for farmers from central to state government benefit Schemes are driven. So that the farmers do not face any kind of problems in agriculture.

And it happens this time for farmers to sow rabi and for our farmer brothers Ravi sowing time is very precious, if they do any mistake at this time then they remain worried all year round. A single mistake can result in the loss of the entire crop. In this way, farmers are in great need of fertilizers and seeds for sowing, so according to the information received recently, there have been many changes in the prices of fertilizers. DAP-urea fertilizer rates have dropped sharply, check the new price list, and see how much fertilizer has become cheaper.

DAP UREA Price: Fertilizer rate is so cheap now check new rates

According to the information received from the sources, let us tell you that at this time farmers need fertilizers the most. In such a situation, you should tell the farmers that there is no shortage of fertilizers this year, and this year fertilizers are available cheaply based on government tariffs, although some shops are still competing for fertilizers in the wrong way and selling fertilizers. to farmers at arbitrary prices. It happens but the government has issued strict instructions against it. The cost of a bag of DAP fertilizer is currently around Rs. 1300. While the rate of a bag of urea fertilizer is over Rs. 250.

DAP UREA Rates: Rabi crop is most important for farmers

The months of October and November are very important for the farmer brothers as the sowing of rabi crops takes place only in these months. During these months, farmers sow a variety of crops such as gram, peas, wheat, and mustard. For this, first of all, they need a lot of fertilizers and seeds. By the way, everyone knows how much farmers had to fight last year to get fertilizers, farmers had to stand in long lines for fertilizers, and only then they could get fertilizers. But this year such a situation did not come and farmers are getting fertilizers in sufficient quantity.

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