Edible oil Price: Good News! Cooking oil became very cheap, see new rates

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Edible Mustard Oil Price Update: In today’s era where there is a booming atmosphere everywhere, the prices of everything are skyrocketing, in many countries due to inflation the prices of food products are at a record high like in India. market. Good news is coming for the people of edible oil prices they have become cheap. At present, oilseed prices are declining in the domestic market amid the rising world market. Today, the prices of many oils, including soybeans, have fallen. Due to the fall in edible oil prices, the general public can get a lot of relief. There was no significant change in the prices of mustard oil and groundnut.

Despite this food inflation, this news brings a wave of happiness to Indian consumers as we all know that edible oil in India is as common as almost every food product is incomplete without oil. the price of oil has skyrocketed in recent months but now the price of edible oil has come down again, prices of edible oil have come down drastically, check the list of new rates here.

Edible Oil Price: Farmers in the country are getting a lot of benefits

According to market sources, sunflower oil and soybean meal are being sold about 10 percent higher due to lower supply. This will benefit the farmers as they will get good prices for their oilseeds, consumers will benefit from increased supply and the broken market due to cheap imported oils will help the oil mills and the government will also gain, so lower oil prices it will be enough. Cheap oil prices attract more consumers and this again increases the demand on the market and due to the fact that the flow of money also increases in the economy.

Due to this our foreign exchange reserves will remain stable as this will reduce the foreign import of our edible oil and the farmers of the country will directly benefit from this and our country’s foreign exchange will be safe.

Edible Oil Price List Check.

  • Mustard oilseeds – Rs 7,300-7,350 (42% condition rate) per quintal
  • Groundnut – Rs 6,585-6,645 per quintal
  • Groundnut Oil Mill Delivery (Gujarat) – Rs 15,100 per quintal
  • Refined groundnut oil Rs 2,445-2,705 per box
  • Dadri Mustard Oil – Rs 14,850 per quintal
  • Pakki Ghani Mustard – Rs 2,250-2,380 per box
  • Raw Ghani Mustard – Rs 2,310-2,435 per box
  • Delivery to sesame oil mill – Rs 18,900-21,000 per quintal
  • Delivery to Delhi Soybean Oil Mill – Rs 14,200 per quintal
  • Delivery to Indore Soybean Mill – Rs 13,800 per quintal
  • Digum with soybean oil, Kandla – Rs 12,750 per quintal
  • CPO X-Kandla – Rs 8,550 per quintal
  • Cotton mill delivery (Haryana) – Rs 12,500 per quintal
  • Palmolein RBD, Delhi – Rs 10,300 per quintal
  • Palmolin X- Kandla – Rs 9,400 (excluding GST) per quintal
  • Soybean – Rs 5,650-5,750 per quintal
  • Bulk soybeans Rs 5,460-5,510 per quintal
  • Maize Khal (Sariska) Rs 4,010 per quintal

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