Food Allergy Awareness Quiz With Free Certificate 2022

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Food Allergy Quiz | Food Allergy Awareness Contest 2022 | Food Allergy international Quiz Competition | Quiz By ProProfs – Food Related Quiz Online | Quiz With Free Certificate Join Now |

Food Allergy Awareness Quiz: Can Be Administered to School Staff after Food Allergy Training. Participants will need to get 80% correct to pass the quiz.

Obtaining a passing score on this quiz and receiving the certificate of completion does not ensure adequate knowledge in the management of food allergies. Competency in food allergy needs to be assessed by the school nurse or other licensed professional registered nurse.

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How To Participate In This Food Allergy Quiz

  • First, go to the link below: Click here
  • After a form will open in front of you
  • Now fill in the complete information requested in the form
  • After filling the information, submit the form

Quiz Answers

Q.1 Anaphylaxis MUST have which of the following symptoms?

Ans: None of the above

Q.2 Which of the choices below will NOT cause an allergic reaction in a person with a food allergy?

  • Eating a food item that says “Produced in a facility that contains (the food allergen)”
  • Eating french fries made in the same deep fryer oil as the food allergen
  • Eating a food item that quickly touched the food allergen For example: picking nuts out of a salad (Your Answer)
  • Sharing a water bottle with a person who recently ate the food allergen
  • All of the above can cause an allergic reaction

Ans: All of the above can cause an allergic reaction 

Q.3 What medication should be used to treat anaphylaxis?

Ans: Epinephrine  

Q.4 What CAN BE A symptom of anaphylaxis?

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Widespread hives (itchy rash) (Your Answer)
  • Any of the above

Ans: Any of the above

Q.5 True or False: You should call 911 when anyone experiences anaphylaxis.

Ans: True  

Q.6 Which is the MOST common way to trigger an anaphylactic reaction?

Ans: Ingestion (eating)

Q.7 According to current labeling laws where MUST the 8 major allergens (milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish) be listed on the ingredient label?

Ans: Either place (A or B)

Q.8 Very small amounts of food can trigger an anaphylactic reaction.

Ans: True

Q.9 Sesame needs to be listed in clear language even if it is found in a product as natural flavor, or spice.

Ans: False

Q.10 Peanut needs to be listed in clear language even if it is found in a product as natural flavor.

Ans: True

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