Good news for gas cylinder customers, LPG cylinder rates fell drastically

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LPG gas cylinder Price: New news has come from the government, listening to which you all will enjoy, this news is related to the new revised price of LPG gas cylinders, recently there has been a huge reduction in the price of gas cylinders, which there is a wave of happiness in the minds of customers. Here we will tell you all about the new price, what are the new cylinder rates, how many rupees the gas cylinder has become cheaper, and how much relief has been given to gas cylinder holders, know the latest rates.

You all know that in this time of inflation everything is getting more expensive day by day. Because of this, the prices of LPG gas cylinders are also skyrocketing. So according to the information we received recently, let me tell you all that there has been a major change in the prices of gas cylinders by the oil companies. Gas cylinder holders got a big relief, LPG gas cylinder has become cheaper by so many rupees, see the new rates.

The price of LPG gas cylinders has become so cheap

According to today’s latest news, I tell you all that recently LPG rates have been changed again, this is very easy news for customers. Explain that the prices of 19 kg commercial gas cylinders have been reduced. Now you have to pay less money to buy this gas cylinder. Explain that a 19 kg gas cylinder has been reduced by Rs 115.5 in New Delhi. Now, this gas cylinder will be available for Rs.1744. Check the gas price in your city Click here

Lpg Gas Cylinder Price: See how much rates have fallen

LPG prices are skyrocketing in recent days, every month the price goes higher. In such a situation, today every person uses LPG gas for cooking. Other than that the person has no other option, if they use other fuel then it takes a long time. That is why gas cylinders are used in most houses and the prices of gas cylinders keep increasing daily. In such a situation, it has become a matter of concern for customers.

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