Haryana Free Tablet scheme

Haryana Govt. Free Tablet Yojana (हरियाणा फ्री टैबलेट योजना) 2020 government school in the state is preparing to provide this android tablets for the children of class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12th. This muft tablet of government is given during the yojana corona period To promote online education, digital learning, check full information

This Haryana Free Tablet Scheme 2020 is being launched by the Haryana Government for the students of the state government schools.

These Android-based tablets will be distributed on the lines of the library scheme under which these Free Tablets will be the property of the Haryana government. Now the Android tablets are going to help students for online education in schools amid the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which will not disrupt students’ education.

Haryana Free Tablet Scheme 2020-21

The Haryana government is planning to provide free Android tablets to students of government schools amid the Covid-19 epidemic. An official spokesperson of the government said that the plan to provide this Free tablet to 8,9,10,11 and 12th grade students of government schools belonging to all categories is under consideration of the state government. The spokesman said that this would make it easier for students to take advantage of digital education and would help a lot.

free tablet scheme

According to an official release of the Haryana Government, free tablets were provided to the students of the state studying in class 8 to class 12 of the government schools of the state belonging to all categories including the unreserved class, scheduled caste, backward class as well as minority community. It has been decided to make it so that boys and girls of schools can avail digital education.

With this free Tablet Yojana, the Haryana government hopes that the distribution of free Android tablets will make it easier for students to learn various subjects at home as well as help in taking online exams.

After the complete approval of this scheme of Haryana Government, it will be implemented in the entire state and the children of all government schools of the state will get the benefit of free tablets provided by the government.

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Free tablets will be the property of the government

The benefit of this free tablet scheme of Haryana government will be given to the children of all the government schools in the state, who are studying in class 8 to 12, but if you are thinking that you will get this tablet for free, then it is not so.

This Android tablet device will be distributed by the government in the state schools on the lines of the library scheme, under which these free tablets will be the property of the government. The device will be issued to the students, and they have to return it to the school after passing class 12.

That is, students can enjoy this government free Tablet Yojana from eighth to 12th and can avail online education material and then later they will have to submit their tablet to the school. This scheme will be like the school library Just like we have to return the book taken from the library, similarly the tablet has to be returned

Haryana Free Tablet Scheme details

SchemeFree Tablet Scheme
BeneficiaryStudents Of Government school
Official websiteNot Available
Tablet pre-loaded contentTests, Digital books, Online videos
ObjectiveOnline education

Free Tablets With pre-loaded content

It has been said by the government that the Haryana Free Tablet Scheme will be provided with preloaded content (pre-loaded content) in government schools, i.e., these Android tablets will be provided by storing the material already studied.

These free tablets of the government will already have digital content such as education videos, digital books, online test papers etc. Material will already be available in this tablet which will help the students to get digital education.

All the material given on the Free Tablets provided under Haryana Free Tablet Scheme will be as per the syllabus of the government schools. This will not only provide the facility to study various subjects at home, but the students will also be able to get online education and teachers will also be able to take the online examination of the student.

Under the scheme, the content of the class in which the student is studying will be preloaded in the tablet so that he can prepare his course well.

Need Of Free Tablet Scheme

As you all know, due to the epidemic of coronavirus, there has been a lot of loss of education of school children, due to which online education is now being accepted by all the state governments because only online education in the situation like corona period. Is a deterrence

Still the situation of Corona in the country is not good and in view of this problem, it is estimated that in the new academic session 2020-21, online studies can also be done. For online education, all students must have facilities like tablet, laptop, smartphone and internet. But financially weaker families are not able to provide these facilities to their children.

Due to this problem, now the Haryana government has decided to give free tablets to students under the Haryana Free Tablet Scheme. This will not hinder students from getting online education. Children of poor families will also be able to continue their online classes through free tablets provided by the Haryana government.

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