Income Tax Awareness Quiz With Free Certificate 2021

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“Online Quiz on Income Tax Awareness” is organizing by the Department of Commerce Govt. Girls College Dhar (M.P.)* participate in this quiz and get a free certificate

How To Participate In This Quiz

  • First, go to the link below: Click here
  • After a form will open in front of you
  • Now fill in the complete information requested in the form
  • After filling the information, complete the quiz
  • now submit the form
  • Certificates will be issued in your email if not check your spam box

Quiz Answer:

1. Income Tax Act was passed in the year *

Ans: 1961

2. Income tax rates are fixed in *

Ans: Finance Act

3. As per Income tax Act, Person includes *

  • Individual
  • HUF
  • Local Authority
  • All of the above

Ans: Income tax Act

4. Salary is defied as per section *

Ans: 17(1)

5. Agricultural income in Pakistan is assessable for *

Ans: Resident

6. Pension is taxable under ……………………..head *

Ans: Salary

7. Circulars and Notifications are binding on the *

Ans: Income Tax Authorities

8. The following shall not be regarded as capital asset *

Ans: Rural Agricultural land

9. Long-term Capital Loss can only be set off against *

Ans: Long-term capital gain

10. Payment of LIC premium can be claimed as deduction u/s _______. *

Ans: 80 C

11. Rate of Health & Education cess is ___________. *

Ans: 4%

12. The highest Administrative Authority for Income Tax in India is………… *


13. PAN stand for: *

Ans: Permanent Account Number

14. Donation is deductible u/s ……………… *

Ans: 80G

15. Income tax is a form of …………………… *

Ans: Direct tax

16. Income of a minor child is exempted up to *

Ans: 1500

17. Section 80C provides for deduction in respect of tuition fee to …………………..children. *

Ans: Two

18. When a receipt is determined as Capital Receipt or Revenue receipt. *

Ans: At the time it is received

19. Salary received by a member of parliament is. *

Ans: Taxable as income from other sources.

20. Maximum deduction under section 80C is Rs: *

Ans: 150000

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