Republic Day Free Certificate – India 76th Republic Day Quiz 2023

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Republic Day Free Certificate |Republic Day Latest Quiz 2023 | Free Certificate | Government Free Certificate | Participate In Republic day contest and get certified

QUIZ on Interesting Facts about Indian National Flag & Indian Constitution -Winners of the Quiz will be declared on 25th January 2024. 3 (Three) LUCKY WINNERS will be awarded EXCITING PRIZES * In case of multiple correct entries – a computerized Draw of Lots will randomly choose the top 3 Winners!

Republic Day Quiz Contest 2023

The Indian Constitution is the world’s longest written constitution which provides an excellent framework for governing the world’s largest democracy. It nurtures the aspirations of its citizens and is a true living Constitution in as much as it gives the widest possible amplitude for the realization of both individual liberties and desires and at the same time enforces the need for collective growth and development.

Constitution as a work of Art – The Indian Constitution is not only a consolidation of laws and regulations. But it is a wonderful repository of art. It gives us a sense of India’s rich tradition and culture. It’s a glimpse into our cultural heritage.

This quiz competition is being organized by a private company Indic Inspirations, in this quiz, any person and student can participate.


Quiz Answer

Q.1 Meaning of SAFFRON color in our Indian Flag 

Ans: Strength and Courage

Q.2 Name the person whose design of the national-flag for free-India was finally accepted? *

Ans: Pingali Venkayya

Q.3 Which among the following does not come under Fundamental Duties of a citizen in India? *

Ans: To strive towards Abolition of Untouchability

Q.4 What is size (length to height (width) )ratio of Indian National Flag? *

Ans: 3:2

Q.5 Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right in the Constitution of India? *

Ans: Right to Work

Q.6 How many words and pages did the original Indian Constitution in the English version have? *

Ans: 117,369 words & 234 pages

Q.7 What is the preferred cloth fabric for the Tiranga? *

Ans: Khadi

Q.8 Which Amendment and which year was the 11th Fundamental Duty of Promoting Education added to the constitution? *

Ans: 86th Constitution the Amendment in year 2002

Q9. Who led the team and how many artists worked on illustrating the Indian Constitution with Art depicting India’s History? *

Ans: Nandalal Bose and his 40 students from Shantiniketan.

Q10. Which 3 countries have enshrined the Fundamental Duties in the Constitution other than India ? *

Ans: Russia, China, Japan

13 thoughts on “Republic Day Free Certificate – India 76th Republic Day Quiz 2023”

  1. 1- Strenght and courage
    2- Pingali venkenyya
    3- to strive toward the abolshment of untouchability
    4- 3.2
    5- Right to work
    6- 117369 word & 234 word
    7- khadi
    8- 86th constitution the amendment in year 2002
    9- Nandlal bose and his 40 student from shantiniketan
    10 -Russia ,China ,Japan

  2. सर्टिफिकेट नही मिल रहा है..कृपया सहाय्यता करेंं


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