New Vehicle Scrappage Policy India 2022 Check Complete Info

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Vehicle Scrappage Policy India 2022 | new vehicle scrap policy Complete information| How to Save Your Old Cars From Scrappage Policy | New Scrappage Policy | व्हीकल स्क्रैप पॉलिसी

Vehicle Scrappage Policy India 2022 has been announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, check here how this Policy makes an impact on your old cars/bike, cost of maintaining an old vehicle, green tax, and full details we will give you in this article under this post, so read this article till the end, here we will give you complete information about the new vehicle scrap policy that going to be implemented in India 2022 and will also tell you how you can save your old car and old bike.

India Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2022

The Union Government’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a voluntary vehicle scrapping policy to take out old and unfit vehicles. This vehicle scouring policy in India will not only help reduce pollution but will also reduce India’s fuel import bill. However, this scraping of vehicles is voluntary i.e. you can secure your old cars even by paying some price. Also, Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari have announced a new vehicle junk policy. vehicle scrap policy has significantly improved the contract for the automobile sector (vehicle scrappage policy), he said that it would reduce the need to improve road safety, air pollution and reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel. Also, there will be a decrease in oil imports.

In this Vehicle Scrappage Policy, it is not mandatory to scrap your old vehicles and you can maintain your old car. But compared to maintaining your old car, you can take advantage of this Vehicle Scrappage Policy. The Indian Vehicle Scrap Policy is scheduled to come into force a few months from now. If things go well, like without lockdown or anything, it will be implemented from October.

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Vehicle Scrap Policy 2022 Fitness Test

Currently, cars whose age is more than 15 years have to undergo a test. In India, it is called the Certificate of Fitness (CF) test. The test takes place at the local RTO and is conducted by the authorities. The vehicle required mechanical fitness in the test. Fitness test includes the operation of lights, indicators, brake lights, brakes, suspension and other parts.

Unfortunately in our country testing is subjective in nature and many vehicles pass them without any concern. However, things are going to change now. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is going to install an automated system that will check the operation of vehicles. These modern machines will be pre-calibrated and therefore it will be ensured that only those vehicles are given certificates that are truly fit.

Number of used vehicles in India

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has presented figures of old vehicles which are currently plying on roads in India. According to official figures, there are 51 lakh light motor vehicles that are more than 20 years old in India. Additionally, there are 17 lakh commercial vehicles in India which are over 15 years old and are running without a valid fitness certificate in the country. These old vehicles are the major cause of vehicular pollution in our country.

It is no longer that every vehicle here is a threat to the environment. Many of these vehicles include high cars that still follow most of the criteria today. These cars can be considered fit on the road and can easily pass fitness tests.

Cost of keeping old vehicles: how to save your vehicle

According to sources, people will have to pay some price to maintain their 20-year-old vehicles. The Central Government is going to impose a “Green Tax” in the Vehicle Scrap Policy 2022 . This green tax will vary according to regions and will be paid to maintain old cars, bikes and other vehicles. Therefore, a person who renews a 20-year-old car in Delhi NCR, who is normally more polluted, will have to pay more tax and smaller cities will have to pay less tax. In addition to the green tax, the owners will also have to pay for the fitness test. However all cars deemed fit will be free across the country including Delhi NCR.

Effect of scrappage policy on vintage cars and bikes

According to sources, the same procedure will be applicable to old and classic cars and bikes. Although these special cars come on the roads every year instead of sometimes, the taxes levied on them may be slightly lower. Initially, I also came to hear that these vehicles will be given a special “heritage” number plate. But this will only be confirmed when the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways fully implements the scraping policy. Therefore, the government-proposed Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2022 actually comes with its own terms and conditions, at the moment we cannot confirm it.

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