Microsoft’s Bing chatbot can now create AI images! Learn about it in detail

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Talks related to ChatGPT are happening, where Google and Microsoft have included AI-based chatbots like ChatGPT. Now Microsoft has released a new Bing chatbot, an AI image generator, and its beta version is already out. Read on to learn more!

Microsoft recently launched the AI-powered image creation option in its new Bing chatbot. Bing Image Creator was powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E model. Now Bing Image Creator lets you create custom images.

Search engine company Bing has brought an AI image generation feature for its users. This feature has been incorporated into the image search section of Bing, making it easier to find images.

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot will compete with other AI votes

Our team has come across a new feature of Microsoft Bing Chatbot that may prove to be very useful for you. With this new feature, you can use your chatbot as an AI-based image creator. This new feature will be very useful for those who want to create images under artificial intelligence.

In addition to the information about this new feature, we also have some information about it. According to us, using this new feature will be very easy. Just talk to the chatbot and then it can draw an image based on the selected topic. With this you can create better images than many other websites which will be useful for your website.

What is AI-Image and how is it used?

The Bing chatbot connected by the Bing company will help answer users’ questions based on the new feature. With the help of this tool, users will be able to generate images related to their respective questions. After this, the user has to enter their question in the text box after which the AI ​​image will be generated. To generate this, the user will need an internet connection as well as a Microsoft account. To use this tool, users can access the official Bing website on any web browser.

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10 interesting benefits of AI-Image that will surprise you!

  1. Accelerated design process: AI-Image allows you to design faster and be more productive.
  2. A better compromise: AI-Image helps you select photos that attract more attention.
  3. Save time: AI-Image saves you time because the modification does not take much time.
  4. People-friendly: AI-Image helps you select the images that will best suit your consumers.
  5. Productive Design: AI-Image helps you do Productive Design, which makes you more reliable.
  6. Personalization: AI-Image helps select optimized images for your consumers.
  7. Increase sales: AI-Image helps you increase your sales with more favorable images that will attract your consumers.
  8. Speed: AI-Image allows you to work with modified images faster, which helps you grow your business faster.
  9. Saving resources: AI-Image saves you resources because it takes less time individually to make changes.
  10. Better images: AI-Image allows you to have better and detailed images that will make more sense to your consumers.

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