PM Kisan Khad Yojana 2022 Registration List, Fertilizer subsidy Online

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Farmers will get food subsidies under PM Kisan Food Scheme 2022. How to do online registration in this fertilizer scheme of the central government. PM Kisan Food Scheme Registration Form. Scheme benefits, criteria. Check the official website from

The Central Government has been making schemes to help the farmers of the country and another link has been added in this chain, PM Kisan Khad Yojana 2022 of the Central Government! Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji has always been ready to help the farmers and ensures that their benefits reach the farmers across the country.

PM Kisan Khad Yojana 2022

Farmers always have to deal with fertilizer problems. There is a fear of crop failure due to poor fertilizer. Therefore, to remove the food insecurity of the farmers, the Central Government has brought PM Kisan Food Scheme 2022.

Under PM Kisan Khad Yojana, farmers are provided a fertilizer subsidy of Rs 11000 annually. This subsidy is given in two installments. Farmers are given Rs 6000 before the Kharif crop and Rs 5000 before the Rabi crop. To ensure that the farmers get the full benefits of food subsidy, this amount is given directly to their bank account and not in the hands of middlemen.

PM Kisan Khad Yojana Highlights

SchemePM Kisan Food Scheme 2022 
Launched ByMinistry of Chemicals and Fertilizers of Central Government 
sponsored by by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi 
Beneficiaries All small and big farmers of the country 
Objective Providing fertilizer subsidies to farmers 
official website,

Kisan Khad Yojana Objective

Pradhan mantri Kisan Khad scheme is a boon for countless poor farmers of India. Farmers have to face many problems in the production of food grains. From the uncertainty of the weather to the middlemen, one has to deal with it. Keeping this in mind, at the suggestion of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Central Government has helped the farmers financially through Fertilizer Subsidy Scheme.

Many farmers of the country are benefiting from this scheme. The amount of fertilizer subsidy goes directly to the bank accounts of our farmers without going to the fertilizer companies. Due to this, the farmers get the full amount. Corruption is also curbed. Our farmers are able to buy good fertilizers and seeds. able to produce a good crop, this is the biggest achievement of PM Kisan Food Scheme 2022.

Benefits of PM Kisan Khad Yojana 2022:

A fertilizer subsidy of Rs 11000 per year is given to the farmers in two installments. This reduces the economic burden on the farmers. They are able to buy good food, seeds, and pesticides. Due to this, the crop is good and the farmers get financial benefits. 

The government is always ready to help the farmers across the country, the government has implemented many schemes for the farmers like PM Kisan Yojana, under which the government provides financial assistance to the people and the government can also help the farmers with this fertilizer scheme. The process to apply for the scheme is given below, which you can check.

DBT Kisan Khad Yojana Features

  • Through PM Kisan Khad Yojana, Rs 11,000 is given annually to all the farmers of the country to buy fertilizers. 
  • The subsidy amount is given to the farmers in 2 installments. 
  • The first installment of Rs.6000 is given before planting the Kharif crop and the second installment of Rs.5000 is paid before the start of the Rabi crop. 
  • The subsidy does not go to the fertilizer companies and goes directly to the bank accounts of the farmers through DBT, due to which the farmers get its direct benefit. There is also no possibility of corruption due to this. 
  • With the amount of subsidy, farmers can buy better fertilizers, seeds and insecticides, due to which the crop of the farmers is good and their income also increases. 
  • Due to this scheme, farmers are able to apply fertilizers in the fields after sowing on time. 

PM Kisan Khad Yojana Required Documents:

  • Aadhar Card 
  • Ration card 
  • kisan card 
  • back account number
  • Mobile number 
  • passport size photo 
  • Photocopy of bank passbook 
  • land papers

Pradhan Mantri Khad Yojana PM Kisan Khad Yojana Online Notifications: 

  • SMS to Buyers: From the Department of Fertilisers 
  • On purchasing manure, the farmer gets his receipt through SMS on his mobile. 
  • The receipt mentions the seller’s name, receipt number, the quantity of purchase, bill amount and the amount (subsidy) to be given by the government. 

How To Apply For DBT Kisan Khad – How To Apply PM Kisan Khad Yojana 2022

  • First of all go to the official website of PM Kisan Khad Yojana, 
  • On clicking, the website of DBT (Direct Money Transfer) will come. 
  • There you have to click on the DBT schemes option.
  • On clicking, the list of category-wise DBT schemes will open. By clicking on the Fertilizer subsidy scheme here, the online registration form for PM Kisan Khad Yojana 2022 will open.
  • Here the applicant has to fill in all the information like his language, rural or urban, etc. 
  • After this Aadhar card number will be asked for. 
  • After filling in the Aadhaar number, the applicant has to select his district. 
  • Then the captcha code has to be filled in.
  • At last click on submit button. 

In this way P. The online registration process of M Kisan Food Scheme can be completed easily. 

*Important Information: Aadhar card of the applicant should be linked with mobile number and bank account.

Kisan Khad Scheme FAQs

What is Kisan Khad Yojana?

This is the government’s fertilizer subsidy scheme, under which the government provides financial assistance to the farmer brothers.

How to apply for Kisan khad subsidy?

To get the money under fertilizer subsidy, farmers can apply from the nearest society or online from the official website.

Who gets the money under PM Kisan khad scheme?

Under this Kisan Food Scheme, 11000 Fertilisers provide subsidy, this benefit is given to all poor farmers.

What is the installment of Kisan Khad Yojana?

Under this scheme of the government, two equal subsidy installments are paid to the farmer.

What is the official website of PM Kisan Khad Yojana?

The official website of the central government’s Kisan khad scheme is

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