Today gold fell to the mouth, it did not turn into silver, know today’s price (March 22, 2023)

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Many fluctuations have been seen in gold and silver prices so far. This is a market where big news and headlines matter a lot. Recently, Gudi Padwa has increased the prices of gold and silver. We will give you detailed information about these prices here so that you can make your investment decision accordingly.

There was a slight fluctuation in gold and silver prices on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. At this time gold price started from Rs 50,000 to Rs 55,000 today. You will not see ups and downs in this gold price. There was also some increase in the price of silver, which touched Rs 71,000 per kg.

Gold Silver Price: Gold became cheaper, but silver remained stable

This month, the price of gold has reached up to Rs 55,000 per 10 grams. The prices of gold and silver often have a great importance in the lives of people in the society. People consider gold and silver as a source of wealth and investment. That is why people are very interested in the rise or fall in the prices of these metals.

Gold and silver prices in India keep changing continuously. It is very important to regularly monitor the prices of these metals. Today, a slight drop in the price of gold and silver was observed, which is a good thing, because since last week, the rates do not take the name of descent, but now there is a slight correction.

Gold Silver price today for March 22, 2023

grams/kg Gold Rate of silver
10 grams of 22 carat gold Rs. 54,200
10 grams of 24 carat gold Rs. 59,130
1 kg of silver Rs. 72,100

Gold price today Gold rates in Indian cities today

Town 22 carat rate today 24 carat Rate today
Chennai 55,710 60,780
MUMBAI 54,200 59,130
New Delhi 54,350 59,280
Calcutta 54,200 59,130
Bangalore 54,250 59,180
Hyderabad 54,200 59,130
Kerala 54,200 59,130
put 54,200 59,130
Vadodara 54,250 59,180
Ahmedabad 54,250 59,180
Kaipur 54,350 59,280
Lucknow 54,350 59,280
Coimbatore 55,710 60,780
Madurai 55,710 60,780
Vijayawada 54,200 59,130
Patna 54,250 59,180
Nagpur 54,200 59,130
Chandigarh 54,350 59,280
measured 54,250 59,180
Bhubaneswar 54,200 59,130
Mangalore 54,250 59,180
Visakhapatnam 54,200 59,130
Nashik 54,230 59,160
Mysore 54,250 59,180
Cuttack 54,200 59,130
Davangere 54,250 59,180
Bellary 54,250 59,180
Gurgaon 54,350 59,280
Ghaziabad 54,350 59,280
Noida 54,350 59,280
hello 55,710 60,780
Vellore 55,710 60,780
Amaravathi 54,200 59,130

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