Visme Free Presentation Course With Certificate 2023

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Visme Presentation Course All Answers | Presentation Course Certificate 2023 | Presentation Course Certification Answers | Presentation Certification by Visme | Course With Free Certificate Apply Now |

Become a Certified Presentation Guru Take your professional presentation skills to new heights with free, online training from Visme Versity.

Building presentations is a talent that many of us were never taught, but rather just told to do.

visme presentations Course

Presentations are often the mechanism we use to get our foot in the door. Whether it be for pitching prospects on your product, convincing your boss on the value of a new project, or disseminating important information to a large group of people, knowing how to put together powerful presentations is a skill everyone needs to have in their toolbelt.

At Visme, we want to give everyone the tools they need to create effective presentations that communicate powerful messages.

We used our years of experience and knowledge to create a course that will give people presentation skills that they can use in their jobs and businesses every day.

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What you will learn In this course:

  • How to use visual communication to inform, captivate, inspire or persuade your audience
  • How to structure your presentation in a way that engages your audience
  • How colors, fonts, pictures, online content and videos should be used to increase the impact of your message
  • How to present data, stats and figures in compelling charts and graphs that tell a story

What you’ll receive:

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a Visme Versity certificate of completion. You’ll also receive a Visme expert badge in your Visme account. This badge gives you early access to new features coming out in Visme.

How To Participate In This exam

  • First, go to the link below: Click here
  • now click on the Take the Course link
  • After That complete the registration form
  • Now fill in the complete information requested in the form
  • After filling the information, submit the form
  • Now You Can start your exam

Question Answers

Note: Out of all the answers given here, only 25 answers are correct, so that you can easily pass the quiz.

What percentage of the population are visual learners?

Ans: 65%

What are the three legs of a good presentation

Ans: Number of Slides, Bullet Points and Images

Which of the following is NOT a main purpose of giving a presentation?

Ans: To Bore

Which of the following is NOT something you need to include in your audience persona?

Ans: Hair Color

Which audience journey starts at a low point and walks through various steps until you’ve arrived at the end goal?

Ans: The Explanation

What is the main difference between the Situation – Complication – Resolution audience journey and the Situation – Opportunity – Resolution audience journey?

Ans: One follows a straight line while the other has a dip in the middle

What is the range of font sizes you can use in your presentations?

Ans: 30pt to 120pt

What is the best case to use for short titles?

Ans: Title Case

Which is NOT a rule of pairing fonts?

Ans: Use fonts from the same typeface

Which is NOT one of the six types of photos you should use in a presentation?

Ans: Abstract Photos

True or False: You should consider using full screen images in your presentation slides.

Ans: True

Which is NOT one of the best practices for using images and text together?

Ans: Place text on the busy parts of an image

Colors have been proven to increase learning by ____%.

Ans: 75%

True or False: Different colors have different meanings and associations.

Ans: true

Which color is associated with power, mystery and death?

Ans: Black

Which color is associated with passion, love and danger?

Ans: Red

Which color is associated with intellect, friendliness and caution?

Ans: Yellow

True or False: All colors pair well together.

Ans: False

Which of the following are NOT examples of complementary colors?

Ans: White and Black

What are shades and tints of a color?

Ans: Shades are darker and tints are lighter

How many colors should you use in your presentation slides?

Ans: 3-4

True or False: You should consider incorporating video clips into your presentation.

Ans: True

How long should the video clips you include in your presentation be?

Ans: 30-60 Seconds

How many colors should you use in a chart or graph?

Ans: One Color For Each Data Point

True or False: Including grids will help make your chart much cleaner and easier to understand.

Ans: True

What type of chart is best for illustrating how something has changed over a period of time?

Ans: Line Chart

What type of chart is best for comparing multiple items at once?

Ans: Bar Chart

Which of the following is NOT one of the other categories of data visualizations we mentioned?

Ans: Allegories

True or False: It’s important to create visual hierarchy to emphasize your main points.

Ans: True

Which of the following is NOT a way to create visual hierarchy in your presentation slides?

Ans: Keep all elements on your slide the same size

Which of the following states the Gestalt Principle of Closure?

Ans: If there is a break in the object, we perceive the object as continuing in a smooth pattern.

Where should you place captions for photos in your presentation slides?

Ans: As close as possible to the photo

Which of the following is NOT a best practice for using transitions in your presentation?

Ans: Use as many transitions as possible

True or False: One of the best ways to capture your audience while delivering your presentation is by immersing them in a story.

Ans: False

Which of the following is NOT a great way to rock your presentation delivery?

Ans: Tell a personal story

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