WordPress Plugin Development With Jquery: Udemy Free Course

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WordPress Plugin Development | Udemy Free Course | Udemy 100% Off Coupon | WordPress Plugin Development For Beginners | Udemy Free Development Course Free

Vue is an amazing framework. Wordpress is the most common CMS of the world. Why not mix these two by creating a plugin?

This course aims you to teach you how to code your own plugin on a WordPress website. We are going to learn together how to start, how to activate our plugin and how to change our content dynamically. For that purpose, we are going to use jQuery.

At the end of this course’s author provide you the entire plugin as files to use.

Table of Contents

What you’ll learn

  • WordPress Plugin Development


  • Basic WordPress knowledge
  • JavaScript vanilla
  • jQuery basics

Why jQuery?

Most of the developers that begin on WordPress have few notions of coding. jQuery is a very good alternative to start coding. Let me give you some reasons to use jQuery:

  • You don’t need to be experimented to start with jQuery,
  • Documentation is full of quick solutions to use,
  • Low restrictions on code (due also to JavaScript),
  • jQuery provides an amazing selector to select DOM elements,
  • You can write multiple tasks in one line,
  • You can handle every elements of your website,
  • It is Cross-Browser support…

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Author(s): Guillaume Duhan

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