How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Aadhar VID Generation Online 2024

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Aadhar vid number Online apply | Virtual ID (VID) Generator 2024 How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID By Yojana4u | vid generation Process

Aadhar vid generation 2024 complete details in brief: Aadhar virtual ID is a 16-digit temporary code that can be used for Aadhaar authentication. You can provide UIDAI virtual IDs instead of your Aadhaar number to agencies and protect your Aadhaar details from reaching any other person. You can provide an Aadhaar Virtual ID to perform your e-KYC in both private and government organizations.

UIDAI has fully implemented this facility till 1 June 2018. Virtual ID has been introduced to address the issue of Aadhaar data breach as the virtual ID will make it almost impossible to track the Aadhaar number. Virtual ID can also be used for Aadhaar card download from UIDAI’s online portal.

The 16-digit virtual ID will serve as a security layer in the Aadhaar database and address people’s privacy concerns. People can use this Aadhaar service as a replacement for biometric ID in new SIM purchases, SIM replacement, banking facilities, passports etc.

Aadhaar Virtual ID 2021

UIDAI VID Generation 2024 (Virtual Aadhaar)

Virtual ID is an alternative to Aadhaar number. This temporary code consists of 16 digits that are generated against an Aadhaar number. However, virtual ID cannot be used in any situation to retrieve the original Aadhaar card. At one time, only one aadhar vid generation occurs against the Aadhaar number. It can be generated as many times as the user wants.

As you all know, our Prime Minister Modi’s dream is to make the country a digital country so that the order can be developed from all sides. To provide a better momentum to this purpose, Aadhaar is also linked to every document. Has made it mandatory 

With the spread of Aadhaar, the accessibility of Aadhaar services is now increasing day by day, so UIDAI implemented uidai vid generation process to further secure Aadhaar data so that the use of Aadhaar can be further simplified. Now people do not need to take Aadhaar everywhere, they can generate a virtual Aadhaar ID and use it as Aadhaar.

aadhar virtual number can be generated from the official portal of UIDAI Step by Step to generate VID The complete process is given below which you can generate a virtual ID for your Aadhar card by following

Meaning Of Aadhar VID

As you all know, UIDAI has issued many aadhar online services related to Aadhar card, one of them is Aadhar VID, through which Aadhar card has been made more secure so that Aadhar data is not damaged in any way.

So let us now understand vid aadhar meaning in easy language or what does it mean? So Friends VID is a short form of Virtual ID ie just like Aadhaar card, a real ID that can be used instead of Aadhaar, every time a person does not have to show his Aadhaar anywhere, Aadhaar Virtual ID can be used for this

How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Step by Step 2024

However, please tell you that to avail this service you must have a registered mobile number with UIDAI as Aadhar VID will be sent to your mobile number. If you have not registered your mobile number with UIDAI , then you must first link your mobile number with Aadhaar. To create an Aadhaar Virtual ID, you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all Go to UIDAI aadhar vid generation page  

Aadhar VID generation

Step 2: Now enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number and security code

Step 3: Now click on the “Send OTP” button

Step 4: An OTP will be sent to your mobile number registered with UIDAI

Step 5: Enter OTP and select the “Generate VID” or “Recover VID” option

Step 6: Now click on submit button

aadhar vid

Step 7: You will get a message like “Congratulations”! Your VIN number was successfully generated and sent to your registered mobile. “

Virtual Aadhaar 2021

Step 8: You will get a message on your registered mobile number mentioning the 16 digit virtual ID for the Aadhaar number and the last 4 digits of the Aadhaar

Features of Aadhar VID 

All residents are allowed to generate any number of virtual IDs. The previous VID will be automatically canceled upon generation of the new VID. This is an optional option for authentication and KYC services that remain valid for a specific amount or until the user changes it .

This virtual ID is similar to the use of an Aadhaar number and agencies cannot use duplicate VIDs. This new VID number system will ensure the security and privacy of Aadhaar card holders. So far, UIDAI has issued 119 crore Aadhaar cards across the country which are required to maintain security and privacy.

  • The VID is a temporary, reversible 16-digit number mapped with the Aadhaar number.
  • It is not possible to get Aadhaar number from aadhar virtual number.
  • The last digit of aadhar virtual number is the checksum using the verhoeff algorithm as the base number.
  • At any given time, there will be only one active and valid VID for the Aadhaar number.
  • VID can be used in place of Aadhaar card for KYC or authentication
  • VIDs, being design temporary, cannot be used by agencies for duplicates.
  • The VID is replaceable after the minimum validity period prescribed by the UID policy and can be replaced by a new one by the Aadhaar number holder.

Aadhar VID FAQs

What is VID?

Aadhar VID is a virtual 16-digit number generated by applying an algorithm to mask a person’s base number.

Why should we create a VID?

VIDs are masked numbers on an Aadhaar to ensure security and prevent data breech VIDs can be shared with requesting entities for the purpose of authenticating your identity.

What Is aadhar vid generation Prosses?

VID can be generated through aadhar online services by visiting UIDAI official website

Can we have more than one VID?

You can generate a new VID after a specific unknown time. If a new VID is generated successfully, the previous VID becomes inactive

Can we generate a VID without Aadhaar number?

No one can generate a VID without an Aadhaar number. You need an Aadhaar number to generate a VID

What happens if we forget our VID?

If someone forgets or loses their VID, they can immediately generate a new Aadhar VID from UIDAI website. 

Can anyone else use my VID?

VID authentication is executed in two-factor verification. The concerned person will have to provide his / her fingerprint biometric or OTP through the mobile number registered with his VID to complete the transaction. So no one else can use your VID

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