Customers received a discount on the price of LPG gas cylinders! Find out the new LPG rates for April

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LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Today 2023: Do you know something new happening in your city today? Yes, you read that right, but do you know that the new LPG cylinder rates have come into force in your city? LPG cylinder rates have changed for the month of April. Now you can know the new rate of 14 kg cylinder in your city with one click. Quick check here!

Listen carefully! Do you know what the new LPG gas cylinder price is in your home kitchen this month? What is LPG price in major cities of our country like Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Mumbai and other places? You need to check immediately as recently there has been a major change in rates for subsidized and non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinders. Now there has been a big movement in the prices of 14.2 kg and 19 kg cylinders. So you need to know the exact price of LPG cylinder in your city.

Are you ready to face the rise in LPG prices at your doorstep? So check quickly and get your LPG cylinder delivered at your doorstep at the right price.

LPG Gas Cylinder Rate This month LPG price saw no rigging but high rates

New tariffs have been issued by the oil companies in our country. New tariffs for LPG gas cylinders have been launched for the month of April 2023 amid rising prices. There is no increase in these new rates, which will be applicable for non-subsidized 14.2 kg cylinders. Now people can check new prices of LPG cylinders in major metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai etc. The effect of these new prices will start from today itself and will be applicable until the entire month of April 2023.

Householders can check the subsidized and non-subsidized domestic gas cylinders whose prices have been revised this month to find out the amount households will have to spend out of pocket to buy LPG cylinders this month. Apart from this, they can also get information about the grant amount transferred to their bank account. Cylinder prices are changed by the Oil Companies (OMC) on the 1st of every month, so it can be a bit difficult to predict the next price, but below are this month’s prices for you to check.

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Check new LPG cylinder rates for April 2023 in major Indian cities

The actual cost of domestic LPG cylinders in metropolitan cities for 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinders for the month of March is as follows. The new prices are as follows:

CITIES Price cylinder 14.2 kg (Unsubsidized rate)
New Delhi INR 1,103.00
Calcutta INR 1,103.00
MUMBAI £1,102.50
Chennai £1,118.50
Gurgaon £1,061.50
Noida 1,100.50 INR
Bangalore £1,105.50
Bhubaneswar INR 1,129.00
Chandigarh £1,112.50
Hyderabad INR 1,155.00
Jaipur £1,106.50
Lucknow £1,140.50
Patna INR 1,201.00
Trivandrum 1,112.00 INR
Itanagar 1168.50 INR
Guwahati INR 1,152.00
Ahmedabad INR 1110.00
Visakhapatnam 1,112.00 INR
Srinagar INR 1219.00
port blair INR 1,179.00
Kohima 1,122.00 INR
Leh £1,248.50
Imphal 1254.50 INR
Bhopal 1108.50 INR
Shillong INR 1,170.00
Gangtok £1,255.50
Agartala 1263.50 INR
Ranches 1160.50 INR
Aizawl INR 1255.00

How to Check LPG Rate in Your City

Apart from big Indian cities, if you want to check the price of LPG gas cylinder in your city, then you can do it easily and that too from the distributor of any neighborhood or city. LPG gas cylinder rate Follow the procedure below to check the price:

  • To check LPG gas cylinder prices first click on below link
  • Now a new web page will open with “Product Price”.
  • After that, first select your state here
  • Now select your district name and then select nearest dealer.
  • After filling all the information, click on the “Search” button.
  • then in front of you LPG gas cylinder The price list will come open

Compare the new LPG gas cylinder tariff with previous months

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What is LPG gas price in Delhi?

LPG price in the country’s capital Delhi for the month of April 14.2 kg cylinder Run for 1,103.

14.2 kg LPG cylinders How many liters is it?

The cylinder is 27.832 L, so LPG (propane) 1 kg = 1.96 L. Therefore, 14.2 kg = 27,832L,

Who issues LPG prices in India?

State-owned oil marketing companies set LPG prices in India.

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