E-Business Quiz – Free Certificate 2021-22

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e-Business Quiz 2021-22 | E-Business Quiz Free Certificate | Free Certificates Download | New Free Certification Program

Electronic commerce is any type of business or transaction that involves the exchange of information over the Internet. Marketing creates the exchange of products and services between companies, groups and individuals and can be seen as one of the most important functions of any business.

E-Business Quiz 2021-22

Faculty of Management Jagannath University Jaipur is organizing E-Business Quiz Competition on 19th and 20th January 2021. Participation will be open for all & E-certificate will be provided to all the qualified participants.

Quiz Answer:

Q.1 RBI is going to introduce new batches for settlement of payments through this transaction. 


Q.2. Which company becomes first to hit $800 billion market valuation? 

A. Apple

Q.3. Taranjeet Singh was appointed as the Country Director for India for this company. 

A. Twitter

Q.4. Which country overtook China as the world’s biggest market for a two-wheeler? 

B. India

Q.5. Which Food delivery and home services app was launched by Google for Indian market?

D. Areo

Q.6. The first country launching GST was – 

A. France

Q.7. How many ‘Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account’ can an individual have in one bank ? 

B. One

Q.8. Which Airways becomes the World’s First Airline to launch Double beds in Business Class? 

A. Qatar Airways

Q.9. Which firm buys engineering and design teams for $1.1 billion deal from HTC? 

D. Google

Q.10. Which industry built demonstration plant for bio refinery plant? 

D. Praj industries

Q.11. What is the percentage rate reflecting the total amount of interest paid on a deposit account called? 


Q.12. Which one of the following helps the consumers protect their credit identities and recover from identity theft? 


Q.13. A ‘closed economy’ is an economy in which – 

D. neither exports nor imports take place

Q.14. Foreign Exchange reserves in India are managed by –


Q.15. Which of the following commercial banks have started charging a convenience fee for cash deposits by customers in cash recyclers during non-business hours and bank holidays? 

C. AXIS bank and ICICI bank

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