Fake reviews could land e-commerce platforms in consumer court, new standard sets

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Fake reviews: Today’s era is of technology, in this era, online process has become common, nowadays everything is done only on mobile, if you want to order food, then food can be ordered online, and anything can be bought sitting at home. buy something online, then once we check the reviews about that thing, after all, what buyers say about that product, fake reviews are used a lot to show the good of a product.

Owners get fake reviews by paying money to sell their products, in this way we customers are in loss, we buy any goods considering fake reviews as correct, to deal with this problem, the government comes with a new rule. Companies that write or write fake reviews about any product related to online shopping, hotel booking, travel booking, and restaurant food and service are no longer safe. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set standards for the modification of any goods or services. these rules November 25 It will be applicable from all over the country. See full details of these standards.

India will become the first country to make standards for fake reviews

It has been learned from media sources that India is the first country to set standards for writing fake product or service reviews. It is expected that after the implementation of these standards, e-commerce companies will no longer be able to make fake and paid reviews. The consumer affairs secretary told the media that the company complying with all these standards will have to seek verification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for review. After this, BIS will issue a certificate. After that, the company can mention it on its website.

Now Fake reviewers will be fined by govt

According to the information, based on the review, the company will be required to say how a product can be awarded a star. It is not yet clear whether the decision is made daily, weekly or based on reviews received over the course of a year. According to reports, if a company does not follow the standards and tries to sell goods through wrong reviews, then this issue will fall under the scope of unfair trade practice. Companies can be fined for this.

This is done because such cases have increased a lot in recent months, so the government is bringing these new standards. If the company does not add the review on the website, then it can also complain on the helpline number.

What are reviews and fake reviews?

You cannot touch the product to test it on the online e-commerce site. In such a situation, most consumers trust the buyers about the product or rely on the site that writes a review about a good one. Consumers prefer to buy the product that has better reviews. Therefore, reviews play an important role in selling any product. Many companies get fake reviews by paying consumers or companies to review the product. So more and more people buy that product. At the same time, many companies harm their rival company by writing wrong product reviews.

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