If you bought a new smartphone from online sale then be careful if it is fake or not, check like this

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Online fraud also occurs as e-commerce sites now regularly offer the latest sales offers. These sales also include some protection offers that include huge discounts. That is why many people prefer to shop online.

There are many deals and sales on smartphones these days. Many people buy smartphones during special sales. But sometimes it also happens that the question arises in your mind whether the cell phone you buy will be genuine or not. If you have such doubts in your mind then you can easily check if this smartphone is genuine or not.

(As online shopping continues to gain popularity, so does online fraud. One common scam involves purchasing a new smartphone only to realize it’s a fake when it arrives. But how can you tell if a new smartphone is genuine or not when you shop online?)

Online Fraud: Know Real and Fake by Texting

The Department of Telecommunications has implemented a new feature that allows getting complete information about the mobile phone through SMS. In addition, using the C-DOT app, one can determine whether the phone is fake or not.

To get this information via SMS, you need to send a message to the number 14422. The message must contain the abbreviation KYM, followed by a space and the 15-digit IMEI number of the phone. Once this message is sent, the recipient will receive a detailed report on their phone.

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How to find IMEI number of your smartphone

In today’s era, everyone knows their mobile very well. For some people, the mobile is a part of their life, losing which they feel helpless. Therefore, it is important to know if you will be able to find your mobile if it is stolen. For this you need to know the IMEI number of the phone. It is very easy to know the IMEI number of the phone. You need to dial *#06# on your phone. After you have called, a message will appear on your phone screen containing your phone’s IMEI number.

In addition, there is also such an application. Through which you can know the details of your phone. You can easily see your phone’s IMEI number by downloading KYM – Know Your Mobile free app from Playstore. This application was developed by C-DOT department of Govt.

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