PG Portal Registration How To File Online Complaint 2024

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Online PGportal Registration 204 How to make an online complaint against the government? how to check portal status pg | How to register on the Public Complaints Portal. What is Public Grievance Portal, how to check complaint status online

PGPORTAL 2023-24 It is the Public Grievance Portal of Government of India which aims to provide citizens with a platform for redressal of their grievances. If you have any complaint against any government organization in the country, you can The complaint can be filed herewhich will go to the concerned Ministry/Department/State Government for immediate redressal.

PGportal Online Grievance Portal 2024 (Public Grievance)

Imagine a situation where you are going to a government organization for a particular job. But the staff doesn’t help you submit your file without a bribe. Now you are helpless and you don’t know who to complain to. In this article, information has been provided about the procedure for filing an online complaint against government organizations. The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances operates an online platform namely PG Portal (Public Grievance Portal) to enable citizens to file complaints smoothly.

Centralized system for redressal and monitoring of public complaints (CPGRAMS) is a web-enabled online system developed by NIC in collaboration with Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG) and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG). CPGRAMS is a web based platform primarily aimed at enabling the submission of complaints by aggrieved citizens from anywhere anytime (24×7) to the investigating Ministries/Departments/Organizations and for prompt and prompt redressal of such grievances. Complaint tracking facility has also been provided by generating a unique registration number on this portal.

Highlights of the Public Complaints Portal

The name of the portal PG Portal (Public Pleading)
who started the service the central government
Release year 2016
official site
beneficiary victims of civil servants
complaint mode online
PG Portal application for everyone
department Ministry of Personnel, Public Complaints and Pensions
contact number (011) 23401429
year of registration 2024

PG 2023 portal registration

pgportal But to complain first you need to register on portal only then you will be able to complain online on portal see below full details how to register:-

  • To register first visit the below link
  • If you are already registered, you can login or click on the “Click here to register” link here.
pgportal Complaint registration
  • As you click on the above mentioned link, “Registration/Registration Form” will open in front of you.
pgportal registration
  • To complete the registration process here you have to first fill your name, address, state, pin code, mobile number and email id etc.
  • After filling all the information sought in the form, at the end you have to fill the security code (Captcha Code) and then click on the Submit button.
pgportal registration form
  • After this login information will be sent to your mobile number or ID from which you can login to the portal

How to submit a complaint on the PG Portal (Submit Public Complaint)

  • To register a complaint, first go to Pgportal.Gov.In
  • Go to the “Complaint” box in the portal. You will get the following options provided.
pgportal complaint registration
  1. File a public complaint
  2. Pension Lodge Pension
  3. See status
  4. Clarification of reminder
  • Click on “Submit Public Complaint” to register a new complaint. The web page will redirect to the complaint registration form.
  • In the complaint registration form, the user has to select whether the organization is “Central or State Govt”.
  • Then select the department from the drop down box. If you are not sure about the department or if the department name is not available in the drop down options, you can select “UNKNOWN / NOT LISTED”.
  • If you select “UNKNOWN/UNLISTED”, the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances will forward the complaint to the concerned department after reviewing the complaint.
  • Apart from the above, the user has to enter some personal details like name, address, contact details etc.
  • In the field provided for writing the complaint, the user must enter his complaint. User can upload supporting documents and any other details by clicking on YES option in ‘Want to upload PDF attachment’.
  • Finally, the user has to enter the captcha code and click submit.
  • After successful registration, the user will get the registration number through which the user can track the status of the complaint.
  • The user can get the complaint status by clicking on “VIEW COMPLAINT STATUS” on the main page of PG Portal.
  • User can also send reminders or clarifications by clicking on “REMINDER/CLARIFICATION REGARDING PAST COMPLAINTS”.

Note , To complain on pgportal, first you need to register on the portal, only then you will be able to complain online on the portal, the information on how to register is given above.

PG portal track your claim status

Under the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances Portal for public complaints Check Grievance Status Registered on To view Grievance Status, users need to enter their PG Portal registration number and password. Forgot Password option is also available.

  • To track the status of the complaint on PG Portal first visit the below link
  • As soon as you click on the above link, you will be taken to the “View Status” page as shown in the image below.
PGportal track status
  • Now here you have to enter the “Registration Number” of your complaint.
  • Along with the registration number, you will also need to enter your email id and mobile number.
  • After filling all the information, now you security code Fill it and then click the Submit button
  • As soon as you click on the submit button, the status of your claim will open in front of you.

Issues that cannot be resolved on this portal

  • Sub-cases or any matter relating to the judgment rendered by any court.
  • Personal and family conflicts.
  • Matters related to RTI.
  • Everything that affects the territorial integrity of the country and maintains friendly relations with other countries.
  • Suggestions etc.

remedying the complaint

The deadline for remedying the complaint is sixty (60) days. In case of delay, it is necessary to give an intermediate answer together with the reasons for the delay. If the complaint is not resolved within the stipulated time, the citizen can address the issue to the Director of Public Complaints of the Ministry/Department in question, details of which are available at Pgportal.Gov.In.

PG Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Grievance Portal (pgportal)?

PGPORTAL It is a portal of the Government of India, which aims to provide a platform to citizens for redressal of their grievances. If you have any complaint against any government organization in the country, you can register your complaint here

How can I file a complaint against a government official in India?

Go to and fill the New Complaint form. You will have to select the name of the Central Government Ministry/Department or State Government Department and other relevant information. Details like name, contact details, complaint details etc. are also required to register the complaint.

How to check status on pgportal?

The petitioner can track the status of his complaint through the internet by visiting

What is the official site for filing complaints?

For public grievances government has launched a separate pg portal where you can complain against government employees its website is

how to login to the portal pg

To login, go to the official website, click on the login button and enter the ID password and click on the submit button.

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