LPG Gas Cylinder Prices Today November 2022 LPG Price List

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LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices Subsidy / Non-Subsidy Rates | LPG Cylinder Subsidy update | LPG Gas Cylinder Price 2022 | LPG Price in India Today | New LPG Gas Cylinder Price November

Check LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices from here, check what is the price of LPG in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and other Indian cities for the month of November 2022, subsidy and non-subsidy domestic in the recent months LPG cylinder rates have increased by 14.2 kg and 19 kg cylinders In November 2022, the price of 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinders without subsidy has come down by Rs. 5, and with this, the price of 19 kg LPG cylinder has down by Rs. 100 to 101. Here, check the new prices applicable for this month in your city.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price 2022

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Rate – LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices for November 2022 have been released by the Central Government. People can now check LPG gas cylinder new prices (14.2 kg / 19 kg cylinder rates) in top metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and other cities. These new LPG cylinder rates will be applicable for the entire month of February 2022 starting from today.

People can check the subsidized and non-subsidized domestic gas cylinder rates to know the amount a customer has to pay to buy the cylinder in the month of November 2022. Apart from this, people can also calculate the subsidy amount to be transferred by the government to their bank accounts. The prices of both subsidized and non-subsidized LPG gas cylinders are revised by the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on the 1st of every month.

The central government provides subsidies on the first 12 gas cylinders in each household in only 1 year under the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme, in addition, if you buy LPG gas cylinders, you have to buy at the market rates (Non-Subsidy Rates).

The government has started subsidy again for LPG cylinder

LPG Subsidy: From June 2020 onwards there was no subsidy for any user including Ujjwala Yojana beneficiaries but now the government has announced a new subsidy.

FM. Nirmala Sitharaman said in a tweet “We will give a subsidy of Rs 200 per gas cylinder (up to 12 cylinders) to over nine crore beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. It will help our mothers and sisters. Its revenue will be around Rs 6,100 crore in a year. ,

And now the government has officially announced this subsidy, this will give a lot of relief to the people in the country, along with this, the government has also reduced the prices of petrol and diesel, the government has reduced by Rs. 8 on petrol and Rs. 6 on diesel. Yes, this is being done by the government to reduce the rising inflation, which is a good thing, it will give a lot of relief to the country.

LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Rates Non-Subsidised list (November 2022)

The effective cost of domestic LPG cylinders in metro cities for 14.2 kg LPG gas for November 2022 month is as follows. According to the new announcement issued by the government, people will be sent a subsidy of Rs 200 to their account for each LPG cylinder:

CityPrice 14.2 kg cylinder (Non subsidized rate)
New Delhi₹ 1,053.00
Kolkata₹ 1,079.00
Mumbai₹ 1,052.50
Chennai₹ 1,068.50
Gurgaon₹ 1,061.50
Noida₹ 1,050.50
Bangalore₹ 1,055.50
Bhubaneswar₹ 1,079.00
Chandigarh₹ 1,062.50
Hyderabad₹ 1,105.00
Jaipur₹ 1,056.50
Lucknow₹ 1,090.50
Patna₹ 1,151.00
Trivandrum₹ 1,062.00
Bhubaneswar₹ 1,079.00
Itanagar₹ 1,118.00
Guwahati₹ 1,002.00
Ahmedabad₹ 1,060.00
Visakhapatnam₹ 1,062.00
Srinagar₹ 1,169.00
Port Blair ₹ 1,129.00
Kohima₹ 1,072.00
Leh₹ 1,248.50
Imphal₹ 1,204.50
Bhopal₹ 1,058.00
Shillong₹ 1,120.00
Gangtok₹ 1,205.50
Agartala₹ 1,213.50
Ranchi₹ 1,110.50
Aizawl₹ 1,205.00

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Check the rate of LPG Gas Cylinder of your city

Apart from the Indian metros, if you want to check the LPG Gas Cylinder Price of your city, then you can easily do it and you can check the LPG Gas Cylinder Rate of any district distributor or city price. To do, follow the procedure given below:

LPG Gas Cylinder Prices list (एलपीजी गैस सिलिंडर प्राइस)
  • After filling all the information, click on the “Search” button
  • After this , the price list of LPG Gas Cylinder will be opened in front of you.
LPG Gas Cylinder Prices today

LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate with Previous Months Comparison

People can now compare the new LPG cylinder prices with the rates in the previous months: –

Compare 14.2 kg lpg gas cylinder previous price without subsidyClick Here
Compare 19 kg LPG Gas Cylinder Previous Price Without SubsidyClick Here

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