YouTube Music Certification Exam Answers 2023 Free Certificate

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YouTube Music Certification Free Course All Answers | YouTube Music Certificate 2022 | YouTube Music Certification Answers | YouTube Music Certification Certification 2022 | Youtube Certificate | Course With Free Certificate Apply Now | Google skillshop Course

Learn the channel management principles that help music partners and artists thrive on YouTube. Understand how to optimize an artist’s channel and content, engage their audience, earn revenue, and manage basic music rights.

How To Participate in YouTube Music Certification

  • First, go to the link below: Click here
  • now click on the GET STARTED or Login link
  • after that click on the Sign In With Google button
  • After a form will open in front of you
  • Now fill in the complete information requested in the form
  • After filling the information, submit the form
  • Now You Can start your exam

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Module List

  • Content and channel strategy
  • Promotions and engagement 
  • Analytics 
  • Business and revenue 
  • Rights management 
  • Certification Assessment

YouTube Music Certification Assessment Answers

How would you update channel branding to support a tour announcement?

Ans: Upload a channel banner that includes the tour dates.

How do playlists affect watch time on a channel?

Ans: Playlists can increase watch time because viewers will often keep watching videos in a sequence.

What’s something that video cards can promote?

Ans: Links to merch sites.

What does not describe a thumbnail that has been optimized for discovery?

Ans: The thumbnail is low-resolution.

What does a channel’s search data reveal?

Ans: The keywords viewers are using to find the channel’s videos.

How can subscribers boost engagement, and thus discovery, for a video?

Ans: Subscribers who have turned on notifications will generate the video’s first wave of traffic.

What type of video is designed to get fans excited about a new album or tour?

Ans: Teasers or samplers.

Why is behind-the-scenes footage from a tour valuable for a channel?

Ans: All of the above

What is the most effective way to promote a collaboration on YouTube?

Ans: Produce a collaboration teaser and upload it to both collaborators’ channels.

Which of the following accurately describes art tracks?

Ans: All of the above.

How does upgrading to an Official Artist Channel affect an artist’s subscribers?

Ans: Upgrading makes it easier for subscribers to find all of an artist’s music in one place.

How does an artist benefit from upgrading to an Official Artist Channel?

Ans: The Official Artist Channel appears at the top of search results for the artist.

What is the best way to leverage fan videos to grow a channel?

Ans: Drop fan videos into a playlist with a descriptive name.

What is the best way to engage fans before an album release on YouTube?

Ans: Live stream a listening event.

Why is it important to keep uploading videos after an album release?

Ans: Because it maintains or increases viewer engagement with the channel, which can increase album sales.

What is the most effective way to encourage subscribers to engage with a channel?

Ans: Upload videos on a regular schedule.

Why might you want to pin a fan comment on a video?

Ans: The comment says something positive about the video.

How can you use Community to give fans an inside look at a tour?

Ans: Post a photo of the setlist.

With which YouTube feature can you establish a watch page before a video is released, so that an artist and their fans can experience a new video together?

Ans: Premieres

What is one effective way to use the Community tab?

Ans: Post a mix of personal, promotional, and transactional posts to engage fans.

What can tell you about the global reach of a channel?

Ans: Geography data.

What can you do to prevent a sudden drop in a video’s audience retention chart?

Ans: Ensure that the video’s metadata accurately reflects the content.

What should you do when a channel’s demographics data describes an audience that’s much different from the targeted audience?

Ans: Revise the content strategy to focus on engaging the targeted audience.

YouTube Analytics for Artists provides data about what type of content?

Ans: An artist’s songs across YouTube.

What can you learn from the data in Music Charts & Insights?

Ans: The most popular music videos of the week in a given city or country.

What’s one practical application for YouTube Analytics for Artists?

Ans: Understand which of an artist’s songs are fan favorites, and include these songs on a tour setlist.

If you wanted to learn in which major city a competing artist’s video is getting the most views this week, what might help you?

Ans: Music Charts and Insights.

What requirement must a video meet before it’s eligible to earn ad revenue?

Ans: The content must be advertiser-friendly.

Which two parties most commonly enter into an SRAV (Sound Recording Audio Visual) agreement with each other?

Ans: YouTube and record labels.

Who can monetize videos on YouTube?

Ans: Channels that have joined the YouTube Partner Program, or channels that are linked to a label or distributor with an SRAV agreement.

What is the goal of the ad serving model?

Ans: To serve the highest-value ad to the right viewer at the right time.

What deters advertisers from showing ads on a video?

Ans: Explicit language.

Why might you want to review the ratio of views to ads shown on a video in two time periods?

Ans: To see how this ratio is trending over time.

How can you estimate which ad formats are earning the most revenue?

Ans: Use your Ad rates report to compare the estimated revenue amounts generated from each ad type.

What low-investment strategy could a channel try to increase viewership (and ad revenue) in another country?

Ans: Leverage the audience to crowdsource captions and metadata translations.

Why might two videos with similar monetizable view counts earn different revenue?

Ans: Different ad formats are enabled on the videos.

What can generate additional revenue for an artist on YouTube?

Ans: Concert listings.

Can an artist promote a paid product or service on YouTube?

Ans: Yes, but the artist should be mindful of disclosure requirements and any third-party agreements.

What can you do to maximize an artist’s revenue potential in the YouTube Music app?

Ans: Deliver the artist’s entire catalog to YouTube.

Why should an artist seek legal advice before uploading a cover song?

Ans: To determine whether the original song is protected by copyright.

Which types of copyright apply most often to music on YouTube?

Ans: Sound recording and musical composition.

What happens to a channel when it receives a copyright takedown notice?

Ans: The offending video is removed and the channel owner receives a copyright strike.

What is subject to a “match” in Content ID?

Ans: A video that contains content in the Content ID database.

What is the difference between copyright and Content ID?

Ans: Copyright is a set of laws, while Content ID is a tool that helps rights holders exercise their rights on YouTube.

How does Content ID support the work of music rights holders?

Ans: It enables them to monetize or otherwise protect their content on YouTube.

Why is it important to resolve asset ownership conflicts quickly?

Ans: Because conflicts can suspend any revenue generated from the videos in conflict.

Which asset type is always linked to a sound recording asset on YouTube?

Ans: Composition share.

What may indicate that a channel needs to clean up its reference files or revise its match policies?

Ans: The channel sees an increase in claim disputes.

What predefined match policy allows viewers to watch a claimed video but does not allow ads to display on the video?

Ans: Track

Where can you see the relationship between references and assets?

Ans: Asset report.

Which one of the following metrics may not be a part of your top level revenue performance?

Ans: All of these should be included when you pull your top level performance metrics.

How might you determine if certain videos perform better within certain demographics?

Ans: Group these videos together and compare how these videos perform among your target demographic profile.

What is one way that channel managers help grow a channel?

Ans: Evaluate the channel’s role in the ecosystem and how it can leverage the other elements of the ecosystem.

What options can channels have to restrict the types of ads that are shown on their channel?

Ans: Channels can block the types of ads that may be inappropriate to the channel, like sensitive or age-appropriate ads or competing ads.

If you see a watch time pattern with periodic spikes in your watch time report, which one of the reasons is least likely?

Ans: The spikes could represent the changes in the number of likes/dislikes.

Ad formats are requested in which order?

Ans: Instream, Overlay, Display

If you saw an increase in revenue, but overall CPMs were lower, which of the following could be why?

Ans: Viewership grew and generated more revenue than the amount of revenue lost from the lower CPMs.

Why is having an audience match important?

Ans: Poor audience match could slow channel growth and/or reduce audience retention.

What is a way to use the “Compare” feature in YouTube Analytics to determine benchmarks?

Ans: Compare performance metrics between two separate time periods.

Which content format is typically associated with a watch time pattern of a spike, followed by a gradual decline?

Ans: Entertaining

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