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This is a type of Quiz, which will Help you to increase your knowledge & I.Q. …. Anyone Can Participate in it. You have to get atleast 50% to pass This Quiz. After finishing this Quiz, You will receive A Appreciation Certificate

The Tabla Quiz

It is a challenge to put music into words. We all know how it makes us feel, and we know what we like when we hear it, but in reality this communication is the hard part. Author Victor Hugo writes that “Music expresses what can be put into words and what can be silent.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow described it as “a universal language.”

Tabla Quiz Answers

Q1. Which is a Tabla Taal, From Given?

Ans- Rupak Taal

Q.2 Who from these is a Tabla Specialist?

Ans- Ustad Zakir Hussain

Q.3 From which side we play ‘Ge’?

Ans- Baya

Q.4 How to play ‘Tun Na

Ans- ‘Te + T + Na’

Q.5 What is the name of the middle of ‘Baya’?

Ans- Maidan

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